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Cash payments within Mexico:

If you don't have a credit card or prefer to make a cash payment for your reservation, you can easily do it through one of the over 11 thousand convinience stores named "Oxxo" throughout Mexican territory as well as Seven Eleven stores. (applies only to SevenEleven stores in Mexico)
1. Print your "DineroMail" payment coupon along with your itinerary.  
2. Take your coupon and go to any Oxxo or SevenEleven store within Mexico. Show your coupon and tell the clerk you want to make a cash payment through "Dinero Mail".
3. Make your cash payment. The store will give you a receipt. Keep that receipt in good conditions for future reference.

Why can't I see the Oxxo/SevenEleven payment option in my browser window?
The system tracks the country from where the page is being seen. If you are making your reservation outside of Mexico, the Oxxo/Seven-Eleven option will not be displayed.

Oxxo payment is only available for HOTELS, TOURS and AIRPORT TRANSFERS. The option will not show for CAR RENTAL, FLIGHTS nor HOTEL+FLIGHT PACKAGES.

From October, 2011, the payment option at Seven Eleven & OXXO is enabled only for bookings over $ 1,000 MXN.

Oxxo payment option is not available if the time between reservation and service is less than 72 hours.

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